Mongolia’s Hakuho advances in Japanese sumo wrestling tournament

Mongolian sumo wrestler, Hakuho,
won his 13th bout in the same number days on Friday as he
advanced in Japan’s Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.  

Hakuho, the defending champion,
showed his legendary might during Friday’s contest with Japan’s
Kotomitsuki. However, 22 year-old Hakuho used his overwhelming power
to shove Kotomitsuki out of the ring to win the match. 

Another Mongolian sumo wrestling
favorite, Asasekiryu, won his match on Friday for his 11th

Sumo wrestlers from around
the world are competing in the Japanese tournament. While Mongolia’s
Hakuho is a favorite among those betting on the tournament, he is up
against very tough competition from veteran sumo wrestlers.

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2007-05-30 22:08:57
He is only one of four non-Japanese to receive the title \"yokozuna.\" Here\'s a link to a video clip about this story.