Biobeer February: Timber Harvest

February's Biobeers will be held on Thursday 9 February, at the usual
time and place: 6.30 pm at Xericon Restaurant (located between the
Hydrometeorology Building and the CIA). This month's speaker will be
S. Batchuluun, a lecturer in the forestry department of NUM, who will
talk about 'The effect of timber harvest on forest ecosystem health'.

Biobeers is a monthly gathering of government and NGO staff,
biologists, researchers, and other professionals interested in
conservation. Each month, Biobeers sponsors a half-hour presentation
on a topic relevant to Mongolian conservation, followed by an informal
gathering to discuss activities and issues of interest. Biobeers is an
opportunity to find out what is happening in the field of conservation
in Mongolia, talk informally to other researchers and peers in your
field, and share information about issues critical to the environment
and people of Mongolia.

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