Mongolian sumo grand champion wins match in Japan

Current sumo wrestling grand
champion, Hakuho, a Mongolian whose real name is Munkhbat Davaajargal,
won in his first match as grand champion in Japan on Sunday.

In a match with wrestler Tokitenku,
Hakuho forced Tokitenku to the edge and lifted the wrestler out of the
competition area to win his match.

However, Mongolia’s other
grand master, Asashoryu, lost his match during the first day of competitions.

Hakuho became grand champion
in May, becoming only the fourth non-Japanese to attain this distinction.
Hakuho is 22-years-old and the 69th grand champion in sumo

Fellow Mongolian, Asashoryu,
earned the title of grand master in January, 2003.

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