Asashoryu files criminal charges against magazine accusing him of fraud

Mongolian sumo grand champion,
Asashoryu, along with other wrestlers, have filed a criminal complaint
against a Japanese publication and writer which claimed Asashoryu paid
opponents to lose last November. 

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors
Office has accepted the complaint filed by four wrestlers and the Japan
Sumo Association. The complaint charges publisher and editor-in-chief
of the weekly magazine, Shukan Gendai, and the writer of a series of
articles, with defamation. 

Asashoryu, whose real name
is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, was accused in the articles of having paid
his opponents to lose matches last November. At the November tournament,
Asashoryu scored a perfect 15-0 record as he won his 19th
career title. 

The Japan Sumo Association
has filed a defamation lawsuit against the publication, following its
own investigation in which it found no evidence of fraud during the

In a written statement the
association noted, "We came to the conclusion that to restore the
honor of the association, chairman and wrestlers, we find it is necessary
to seek not only redress in a civil suit, but also criminal punishments."  

The magazine, Shukan Gendai,
has repeatedly said it believes the story to be true.


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