Elbegdorj Tsakhia - Biography

Elbegdorj Tsakhia was born on March 30, 1963 in Zereg soum of Khovd aimag, Mongolia. He is married and has four children.
1988 he earned a Bachelor degree in Journalism at the Lvov Military
University, USSR, and in 2002 he graduated with a Master's degree in
Public Administration from the Harvard University's, John F. Kennedy
School, USA.
He began his working career as an employee in the
"Erdenet" mining company in 1981. After graduating in 1988 he continued
his career as a journalist, firstly in the army newspaper "Ulaan-Od"
and then in 1990, as the Editor of the "Democracy" newspaper. Following
the first free multiparty election held in 1990 he has become a Member
of the People's Ikh Khural and a Member of the State Baga Khural of
Mongolia during 1990-1992, a Member of the State Ikh Khural of Mongolia
during 1992-1994, as an expert of the National Security Council in
1994-1996. In 1996-2000 he has served as a Member of the State Ikh
Khural (Parliament), Vice Chairman of Parliament, the Prime Minister of
Mongolia and the Chairman of the Majority Group in the Parliament. In
2002-2003 Elbegdorj Tsakhia worked as an advisor for the UN project
"Millennium Development Goals" and the Governing Board of the Free
Press project in Washington.

Elbegdorj Tsakhia was the Leader of
the Mongolian Democratic Union in 1989- 1997, the Chairman of the
Mongolian Democratic Union between 1991-1997, and the Chairman of the
Mongolian National Democratic Party-Mongolian Social Democratic Party
Coalition between 1996-1999. Currently he is a member of the National
Consultative Committee of the Democratic Party of Mongolia
has been actively involved in founding and promoting civil society in
Mongolia. He took an active part in the founding of the newspaper
"Democracy" in 1990, and the Mongolian-US joint television station
'Eagle TV in 1995. He was the Chairman of the Mongolian Nomadic
Herders' Association in 1991, was elected as a permanent Steering Board
Member of the "Young Leader" Foundation in 1992 and is a Board Member
of the Political Education Academy since 1993. In 2000, Elbegdorj
founded an NGO 'Liberty Center', and currently he serves as the
President of this NGO.
Elbegdorj Tsakhia is the author of two books: Footstep of the Truth is White and The Years of Bearing Weight
published in Mongolia. He has also authored around 110 articles and
essays. He has delivered a series of lectures and speeches at the
Mongolian National University, in Mongolia’s aimags and soums, as well
as at the University of Nevada, the Heritage Foundation, the Institute
of World Politics, Stanford University's Hoover Institute and
Georgetown University on topics including international affairs, new
challenges in international security, freedom and development.
He is fluent in English and Russian.

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