Visa Requirements

Visa Requirement

The following materials are required to obtain Mongolian Visa:

1. Valid passport
2. One passport sized photo
3. Application form 
4. Sponsor Letter from confident authority, unless otherwise stipulated in bilateral agreements, as follows:
• For official delegation - Either an invitation of the receiving body
(state, government, non-governmental organization, business entity) or
an official request in written by the sending government or local
• For tourists those staying over 30 days up to 90 days, visa clearance from the Aliens and Naturalization Office of Mongolia
• For private guest - a personal invitation of a Mongolian national,
attested by the Aliens and Naturalization Office of Mongolia, and visa
applicant's written statement concerning his/her financial credibility
to cover his/her stay in Mongolia.
• For transit passengers - onward ticket and visa for next destination country.
• For business delegation – invitation letter of Mongolian business
entities or letter of request of sending legal entity (this point is
not applicable for those states’ national with whom
has bilateral visa agreements)

Legal Notice
Any alien, whoever should stay over 30days in
, shall get registered within first week after his/her arrival in at the Aliens and Naturalization Office and get deregistered before the departure at same office.

visa application downloads. 

» Visa Application 

» Visa Application-Tourist

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