Television program to be shown throughout Asia documenting teen trip to Mongolian steppes

Ten days of filming has ended,
as work by teens from throughout Asia documented environmental work
they performed on Mongolia’s steppes. 

Thirty grade school students,
coming from nine Asian countries, spent ten days studying and working
on the deteriorating Mongolian steppes.  

The teens also experienced
living among nomads. 

The program was sponsored by
ABU Voyage to the Future 2007, which organizes environmental educational
programs for teenagers. The teen trip in Mongolia will be shown on television
stations in each country represented by participants. 

The July 21st opening
ceremony was held at the International Children's Centre in Ulaanbaatar
and televised live. 

"Participants are encouraged
to think and discuss global environmental problems through encounters
with people who are tackling the degradation of the steppes' ecosystem,"
said ABU Program Director Tatsuya Nakamura.

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