New translations of books to provide greater understanding of Mongolia for English readers

To provide greater insights into the true Mongolia, four Mongolian books have been recently published in English. 

The Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry has sponsored the release of the new works of Mongolian literature translated into English. 

Golden Hill,” written by G Mend Ooyo, is described as “A long and complex work of poetic fiction which mixes autobiography, history, magic realism and poetry to create a portrait of an individual and the landscape in which he was raised.  Mend-Ooyo is one of Mongolia's leading literary and cultural figures and this marks the first publication of his most important work in English.” 

The 239-page book has been translated by Simon Wickham-Smith. 

“Nomadic Lyrics” by G. Mend-Ooyo introduces readers to a new collection of Ooyo's work, including previously unpublished poems. This 81-page book is also translated by Simon Wickham-Smith. 

A Very Big White Elephant: New Voices In Mogolian Poetry,” has been translated by Sh Tsog and Simon Wickham-Smith. This unique edition brings together the poetry of seven leading Mongolian poets under age forty. The poets published are Ts Bavuudorj, P Batkhuyag, S Biligsaikhan, D Enkhboldbaatar, T Erdenetsogt, R Emüjin and Kh Süglegmaa. 

The Best Of Mongolian Poetry,” translated by Sh Tsog and Simon Wickham-Smith is, “an overview of the historical landscape of Mongolian poetry, from the very earliest work right up until the present.  This is a monolingual and expanded version of Ancient Splendor, which was published in 2006.” 

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