Documentary on women of Mongolia on tour of U.S.

Gobi Women's Song, a film on
the lives of Mongolian women, will be shown in Woodstock, New York,
USA on August 31. 

Sas Carey, Director of Nomadicare
for Mongolia, will present the movie about the present and future of
Mongolian women and culture. 

Gobi Women's Song, has been
screened in seven states in the U.S. for 26 audiences. The movie, a
documentary, is described as a forum for “twenty-first century Mongolian
nomadic women to share the song of their soul. In a transitional moment
which decides the future lives, environment, and lifestyle of its people,
Gobi Women's Song is about connection—with the land, community, family,
and ultimately, with us.” 

As Ya. Batsuuri, Mongolian
Ambassador to Thailand says of the film, “This is the real life of
the people living in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. I am from this place.
I was born and grew up there. You show that Gobi life is a hard life
and it is, but I always miss it because it is my home.” 

For more information about
Nomadicare for Mongolia, a philanthropic organization, visit

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