TV star to speak in Mongolia about maximizing benefits of country’s natural resources

James ScottAmerican TV star James Scott
will be coming to Mongolia as part of his campaign to assist developing

"I'm going to Mongolia
in September," Scott told Soap Opera Digest.  "I have
been asked by the World Bank to go and give a small presentation on
my company, which they see as being a fairly good model for progressive

Scott’s company, Urth Solutions,
seeks to assist communities with undeveloped natural resources. "I
was thinking about doing something like this for a few years,"
Scott, who plays EJ Wells on Days of our Lives, told Soap Opera Digest. 
"I thought I'd try and find a company that would help communities
in resource-rich areas to be able to harness those resources in a sustainable
way then sell them for a premium to the West.  It's basically about
helping communities help themselves.  'Trade not aid.'" 

Working in Bolivia, Urth Solutions
assisted a community that did not know how to extract their gold deposits.
The company worked with the community to find ways to extract the gold
without damaging the environment. 

"In Bolivia, we found
a community that has a lot of gold.  So we're investing in a program
to help the residents of that community mine the gold in an environmentally
sustainable way, so that we can generate profits for the community,”
James Scott explained.

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