Cafe Amsterdam

In the heart of Ulaanbaatar there is a new coffee house serving dazzling fresh coffee and a variety of delicious sandwiches: Cafe Amsterdam Ulaanbaatar.

The coffee house is set-up by three Dutchmen resident in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia might originally be the country of suutei tsai, but people are being won over by the strong taste of fresh coffee. With the internationally recognized Illy brand the cafe aims to appeal to locals and international expats alike. It is the cafe's belief to support  and offer the best quality training for the staff.

Every Wednesday there is a cultural activity with lectures, films an/or music. Check the Cafe Amsterdam website for more info.

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Jim Dornan
2009-03-28 23:51:10
Hi. I lived in Ulan Bataar in 1997 for a few months to help with your transition to democracy. I visted many restaurants while I was there--a Korean place where you could cook your own meals, a French place near my hotel (across my one of the huge ministry buildings), a Turkish place near the Korean place, etc. How could I find out if these places are still around without knowing their names? Is such a request impossible? Thank you. I miss your country and your people very very much--Jim
2009-03-30 11:52:48
Is the French place Cafe de France? With the excellent chicken and student discounts? I remember it being run by a Corsican who told me he just wanted a nice place to do some networking, so he thought opening his own place would be most efficient. Sorry to say, but it is long gone. Father and son Guy and Alex are running the French bistro and the French bakery these days. Turkish place? i must have missed that. Korean place? I sometimes feel there are now more Korean restaurants here in UB than in Seoul!