150 forest fires reported in Mongolia in 2008

Mongolian emergency workers
have fought 150 forest and steppe fires since January 1, 2008. 

Speaking to reporters, Ts.Amgalanbayar,
Vice Commissioner, General Emergency Authority, said while the majority
of these fires have been extinguished, a number continue to burn. 

Officials said five fires are
currently burning in Selenge and Tov aimags while seven other fires
have been restricted to local areas of Tov, Khovsgol, Khentii, Selenge
and Dornod aimags. The largest number of fires reported this year were
found in Selenge and Tov aimags. 

Ts.Amgalanbayar said fires
in the area of Ulgiit of Batsumber soum of Tov aimag have not yet been
extinguished due to the area’s dryness and accompanying strong winds.

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