BCM Mongolia Meeting: Peter Morrow Hands Over Chair

BCM Monthly Meeting June 30 – Recap - The monthly meeting of the Business Council of Mongolia on June 30, attended by 78 members and guests, began with Yo. Otgonbayar, Secretary General and Election Campaign Manager of the MPRP, explaining the election. He said the results were an expression of the people’s satisfaction with the Government’s performance, and their desire to give a clear mandate to one party to govern without hindrance.
William S. Infante of the Asia Foundation which sent observers to 178 polling stations in the provinces was certain that the entire polling process had been fair and free. People had exercised their choice without any obstacle. L. Sumati, Director, Sant Maral Foundation, expected the MPRP to govern with more authority now that it would not have to keep coalition partners happy.

Jim Dwyer reported that the induction of four new members since the last meeting – Petrovis, the Turkish Embassy, Nomads Tours & Expeditions, and Tsagaan Alt Wool -- had taken BCM’s strength to 105.  The BCM website upgrade has been completed and a large portion of the site is now bi-lingual.

South Korean Ambassador J. Park said firms there were eager to invest in the mining and construction sectors in Mongolia but lack of local skilled labor was a constraint. Mongolia’s recent decision to import North Korean workers could also prove problematic.

Mark Minton, Ambassador of U.S. to Mongolia, “completely corroborated” that the election had been fair. Expressing the hope that the new Parliament and Government would resolve the uncertainties about foreign investment, he said he deplored various recent efforts in the US media to “misrepresent developments” in Mongolia. The Embassy is working on ways to facilitate easier grant of business visas for Mongolians.
With no meeting in July for Naadam, the next meeting has been fixed for August 25. It will be held with Alain Fontaine, CEO of Newcom, in the chair. He has succeeded Peter Morrow who was chairman of BCM and its predecessor firm, NAMBC-Mongolia, for 5 years.

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Archived Comments
2008-07-04 09:13:28
\"..and their desire to give a clear mandate to one party to govern without hinderance.\" Sounds a bit SOVIET to me. Democracy is not about \'one party rule\'. It is about allowing ALL voices a place as representatives of the people. To ensure that ALL voices can be heard and none are excluded from the process. Maybe the MPRP\'s motives need to start getting microscoped here. As for saying that the American media \'misrepresenting developments\' in Mongolia- Where has it even been reported? The national news, the papers, even the radio hasn\'t carried one whiff of anything happening in Mongolia! Its like what happened hasn\'t even happened! The American media has been nearly SILENT about all of this! Hence, why are we [America] being blamed? Convenience? Or an easy way out for those who don\'t want the spotlight on themselves? Just an American\'s thoughts on American Independence Day. Cheers!
2008-07-04 16:01:11
Is your touchiness coming from some kind of secret sense of guilt? Nobody had blamed USA as such (except for the US ambassador himself expressing his regret regarding US media on Mongolia - as I read here), and you are asking why USA is being blamed. Are you sure you were responded to this article namely?
2008-07-04 16:42:24
Yes, I was responding to this article. As for touchy, I am when it is made to seem like nobody in America gives a damn what happens in Mongolia. I\'m not the one carrying any so-called \'guilt\'. I have never done anything wrong to the Monogolian people or to Mongolia. Those who are guilty are the American media for not even giving this story any airtime. Everyone I have talked to here in the states knows NOTHING of what\'s going on in UB! I am responding to the insinuation by our own Ambassador that events in Mongolia were \'misrepresented\'. If they were, why hasn\'t he been seen vocally and publically denouncing it so that the American people can see and understand? Seems like a classic case of trying to sweep this under the rug so folks [like our Dear Ambassador] don\'t get asked tough questions about what is happening there. Not to mention the silence of our self-centered media about this is deafening.
2008-07-04 21:14:09
on \"..and their desire to give a clear mandate to one party to govern without hinderance.\": Any democratic governement is to best judged ONLY by it\'s treatment of minorities, the less lucky, weak and poor. Those citizens that cannot fend for themselves, for whatever reason. So we\'ll have to wait and see what the MPRO does now. Looking back at it\'s track-record there is plenty reason for concern, but judgment now is too early. Another four years of development-Limbo for Mongolia?