Nearly intact Tarbosaurus dinosaur skeleton uncovered in Gobi

A Mongolian-Japanese team announced
Wednesday that they had discovered a nearly complete skeleton of a Tarbosaurus

Found in the Gobi Desert, the
Tarbosaurus is closely related to the better-known Tyrannosaurus. 

Experts believe this is the
first discovery of so well preserved a skeleton of a young dinosaur
of this species. 

The skeleton is said to date
back 70 million years. It was discovered by members of the Center of
Paleontology under the Mongolian Academy of Sciences working with members
from Hayashibara Co., a biotechnology firm based in Okayama, Japan. 

An adult Tarbosaurus would
normally grow to a length of 12 meters. The skeleton found in the Gobi
measures 2 meters long and is believed to have been five years old when
it died.

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