Mongolia's License for Minerals Discussed

The Ardyn Erkh daily has published an excerpt of the last Forum TV
program titled License for Minerals broadcasted last Wednesday. The
Forum was attended by Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr.
B.Jargalsaikhan; Head of the Minerals and Oil Authority, Mr. L.Bold;
Head of the National Mining Association, Mr. Ch.Algaa; MP, Mr.
Ts.Damiran; and other related officials. The Forum has discussed openly
the current state associated with license granting in the minerals and
mining sector and views and opinions carried by the dignitaries. Mr.
Bold expressed that due to weakness in legal regulations, the license
granting has disorderly been organized and that license holders have
been unaccountable for their deeds. The Minerals Authority has made a
decision to enter into an agreement with license holders for the
purpose of accounting liabilities and responsibilities to be taken by
them. However, this initiative has been denied by the court. MP, Mr.
Damiran stands for amending the 1997 Minerals Law as he hopes the
upcoming Parliament spring sessions will be able to discuss this issue
seriously. He wants a minerals license to be granted on the basis of
open bidding. Minister Mr. B.Jargalsaikhan carries a view that licenses
are required to be issued differently, say for exploration, extraction,
and industrial activity. He has a strong stance about granting a
license as he is planning to establish a Council or Committee under
himself responsible for this issue and to conclude an agreement with
major mineral license holders including Oyu Tolgoi under he principle
51 to 49. For this purpose an open bidding will be announced from now
on, he underlined.

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