Mongolia celebrates first gold medal

Mongolia celebrates First Olympic Gold Medal
In Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar people have gone out on the street to celebrate the first Olympic gold medal in its history. Judoist Tuvshinbayar became first in the category under 100 kilo, beating his rival from Kazakhstan 120 to 10. Mongolia is famous for its wrestling both in its native form as well as in the Japanese Sumo competion which has been dominated by Mongolians in recent years. During the match load cheers were heard all over town from the public screenings of the match. Four tv channels had live broadcasting of the event that marks a highlight in Mongolia's Sports history. After the match an overjoyed crowd took to the street and to the main square. Only six weeks ago the decor of deadly riots, the square now hosts cheering people and fireworks to congratulate their new national hero.

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2008-08-14 20:12:47
wow finally after 44 year go Mongolia one of happiest day in my life Go Team Mongolia
2008-08-15 03:09:20
2008-08-15 09:51:21
I hope that Mongolia\'s mining in the Olympics yields a wealth of medals! I\'m so glad that, for the first time, the Mongolian national anthem boomed through the stadium and stunned everyone there! Especially for the vaunted Chinese who think there are those little better than them. I think the Great Chinggis himself has a grin on his face now. Here\'s wishing Mongolia continued success at the Games! GO MONGOLIA!!!!
2008-08-15 14:29:20
Congratulations to the people of Mongolia on this great achievment! We in the USA are happy to see our Mongolian friends have such great success in the Olympic Games and we wish you more success and more gold medals in the future. Tuvshinbayar is a hero!