In Mongolia Gold Divides, Gold Unites

Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar - On Thursday evening in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar people went en mass
out to the streets to celebrate the first Olympic gold medal in its
history. Judoka Tuvshinbayar became first in the category under 100
kilo, beating his rival Askhat Zhitkeyev
from Kazakhstan 120 to 10. Mongolia is famous for its wrestling both in
its native form as well as in the Japanese Sumo competition which has
been dominated by Mongolians in recent years. During the match load
cheers were heard all over town from the public screenings of the
match. Four tv channels had live broadcasting of the event that marks a
highlight in Mongolia's sports history.
The celebrations culminated in a surprising display of unity amongst
the stark divided political forces. President Enkhbayar came down the
stairs of the Government house holding hands with acting prime minister
S. Bayar to his right and Democratic Party (DP) leader Elbegdorj
holding his left hand. It was an unimaginable scene bearing in mind the
still lingering conflict that sparked the July 1st protests which left
5 people dead. Mining and in particual gold mining was the big theme of
the election on June 29. When a victory for the MPRP was announced the
DP and other parties sparked a protest with accusations of vote rigging
that led to the fatal riots.
But while it was the large quantities of gold that divided parties in
the election turmoil, a particulary small amount of the commodity was
able to unite people from the three key figures on the square to every
man in the street. Again army personal had to come rushing to protect
the government house from a wild crowd, but this time there were no ill
motives. Singer Javkhlan had become the center of the crowd's euforie
and he was mangled from the one side of the square to the other, where
on the roof of his car he sang one of is famous songs. People greeted
and hi-fived strangers, cars were driving past with passengers holding
flags while screaming and yelling of joy. From high government
officials to street kids, everyone joint in one of the most
overwhelming displays of celebration in Mongolia's recent history. The
Genghis Khan statue was looking motionless over the crowd that
celebrated until deep in the night for their new national hero.

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2008-08-16 19:23:10
HI I\'m really happy for this success.I wish the best for all mongolians. All Iranians congratulate this great success to mongolians.