Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar addressed

Cleaning the air in Ulaanbaatar
would cost at least MNT 50 billion ($34 million), according to a local

Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, G.Munkhbayar,
Chairman of the Capital Citizens` Representatives Meeting, said it is
not expected that higher grade coal, which burns cleaner, would be used
in the near future for providing heat during the local winter. 

G.Munkhbayar added that the
city of Ulaanbaatar spent MNT 50 billion on cleaning the air last year
and saw a 15 percent reduction in pollution.

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2010-10-19 20:34:27
I am glad to hear that spent money for cleaning air. Since I am studying as a graduate student in the Public Health School UC Berkeley, I have been learning a lot about polluted air cause serious health problem. In my opinion, we have to improve and regulate the air laws.