President, Prime Minister attend opening ceremonies for school year

Monogolia’s top officials
attended opening day ceremonies at the country’s universities. 

President N.Ebkhbayar visited
the State University of Agriculture to attend its new academic year's
opening ceremony. 

At the same time, Prime Minister
S.Bayar and the Vice-Minister of Education, Culture and Science, S.Tomor-Ochir,
attended opening ceremonies at the Mongolian University of Science and

During opening ceremonies, President Ebkhbayar said, ''The agricultural
sector executes an important role in developing Mongolia. This sector
must be developed based on the sciences. Food shortage is facing the
whole world, and prices of foodstuff have been increasing dramatically.
Mongolia aims to export agricultural products. One of the 11 programs
in the complex policy of the national development is the development
of the agricultural sector," said the President.

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