Hazara Restaurant, Ulaanbaatar

Hazara Restaurant
North Indian Cuisine
Just behind the wresting palace in the Bayanzurkh District, 
Ulan Bator, Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA
Phone: 976-99195007,480214
Fax: +976-480214
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Archived Comments
2008-10-17 15:28:02
Award winning restaurant with authentic North Indian delicacies. Romantic settings,quality service, a place for experiencing life at its best in the capital of Mongolia.
2010-03-08 19:40:40
Shit service. When you order takeaway they say: No need to pay for dips and then they "forget" to include them. Which ruins the meal. I wanted to pay for the dips in the first place. When you tell them they say: "Sorry, maybe next time". Shittiest takeaway service. Probably will piss and spit in your food if you complain about service or food!!! Beware!!! >:(
ahmed h
2010-10-25 10:50:28
is this restuarant run by a hazara ethnic from afghanistan?
2010-10-29 04:12:12
APARTMENT for RENT 90sq m spacious 200m left Sukhbaatar Square (downtown) Contacts: 976-9321-2792 'eng'