New TB testing for Mongolian, others working in Czech Republic

Czech officials believe new
health testing will be mandatory for foreign workers, including Mongolians,
coming to work in the central European country. 

Officials have voiced concern
about rising tuberculosis cases in recent years. Statistics indicate
that the Czech Republic, with an average eight people per 100,000 treated
with the illness, remains among the lowest in Europe for TB cases. 

However, a steady climb in
TB cases, last year 871 people were diagnosed with TB, has caused officials
to demand action. Of last year’s new TB cases, 17.6 percent were diagnosed
in foreign workers. 

New rules expected to be put
in force will include strict inspection of foreign worker’s health
certificates as well as mandatory health screenings once workers have
entered the Czech Republic. 

There are 7,515 Mongolians
working in the Czech Republic. Vietnam has 51,000 foreign workers in
the country. Also, there are sizeable numbers of workers from India
and Uzbekistan working in the country.

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