Government acts to contain smallpox outbreak in goat herds in Mongolia

Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar - The government reports progress in combating smallpox outbreaks which are threatening goat herds throughout the country.


Outbreaks of smallpox have been diagnosed among herds in Kherlen and Bayantumen soums of Dornod aimags. Typically, infected goats are quarantined and often destroyed while healthy goats are then protected through the use of vaccinations. 

To date, 365 goats have been destroyed due to contracting smallpox while 11,000 have been vaccinated. 

Working jointly, officials of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the General Emergency Authority, the State Professional Control Agency, and the Central Veterinary and Hygiene Laboratory have begun purchasing vaccines and medical equipment to provide inoculations to herds. 

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