Mongolia receives $10 million to provide free textbooks to needy students

Some 270,000 primary school
students in Mongolia will receive school textbooks due to a grant from
the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  


ADB is providing a $10 million
grant to the Education Sector Reform Project that will also support
the government’s program of free textbook distribution to around 110,000
students from poor families. The government of Mongolia will allocate
$830,000 to complete the funding requirement. 

The project will build on three
previous ADB projects that supported the government in extending the
primary and secondary education system of the country to 12 years from
a 10-year program, in line with international standards. 

For the poorest segment of
the population, textbook costs account for nearly 60 percent of education
expenses for both primary and secondary education. The limited resources
of the government also mean its free textbook policy can accommodate
only 20 percent of students.  

“Support is still needed
to reform and transform the education system and to improve needed services
and facilities,” said Jazira Asanova, Education Specialist of ADB’s
East Asia Department. “The government considers improving the quality
of the education system, enhancing access to basic education, and boosting
higher education a key to reducing poverty and promoting economic growth.”

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