Biobeer: The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity

Odonkhuu.D from National Geo-Information Centre willpresent a talk entitled "The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity"on *Thursday, December 4, 2008.*The talk will be about the assessment of protected area effectiveness in conserving its biodiversity resources. The review aims to raise the question whether the current PA system and its management effectively contributes to the conservation of biodiversity. If not, what are the causes for this ineffectiveness and what possible solutions could be proposed to solve this problem. This analysis overlays the range of selected species of concern (IUCN Red Listed Large Mammal) with PA system to review the proportion of the range of these species within PAS.

Biobeers is held on the first Thursday of every month at Sweet Cafe(located behind the Information and Technological National Park andnext to the Admon Printing Company, west of Internom BookstoreBuilding). People are requested to arrive after 6pm, in time for thetalk to start at 6.30.

Biobeers is a monthly gathering of government and NGO staff,biologists, researchers, and other professionals interested inconservation. Each month, Biobeers sponsors a half-hour presentationon a topic relevant to Mongolian conservation, followed by an informalgathering to discuss activities and issues of interest. Biobeers is anopportunity to find out what is happening in the field of conservationin Mongolia, talk informally to other researchers and peers in yourfield, and share information about issues critical to the environmentand people of Mongolia.

Biobeers is organised by the Zoological Society of London's SteppeForward Programme and sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Conservation of biodiversity is to be welcomed but as it still poses great problems even in wealthier countries, how will this be achieved in the face of commercial pressure to exploit Mongolia�s mineral wealth? Maybe the Protected Areas need to be made dynamic entities? Moving their boundaries over time to accommodate mining and then forcing the mining companies to pay for returning the land to nature before they can start somewhere new.