Mongolia’s Flaming Cliffs nominated to become honored by Seven Wonders

Mongolia’s Flaming Cliffs
has been nominated as one of the World’s Seven Wonders.  

The cliffs give off a glowing
orange color, giving it its name. 

The Flaming Cliffs were discovered
by American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews while scouring the area
in the 1920’s. Andrews found dinosaur eggs at the site, which later
thrilled the world.  

Voting to become listed as
one of the Seven Wonders of Nature will continue until July 1, 2009.
Voting takes place through the website  

There are 261 locations worldwide
that have been nominated. 

The World’s Seven Wonders
contest is sponsored by the New7WondersFoundation that seeks to promote
the world’s most beautiful natural locations.

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