Donation from Prague to assist in returning wild horses to Mongolia

The city of Prague will assist Mongolia in the studies of its wild horses. 

In a ceremony in Ulaabaatar, the Czech Ambassador to Mongolia has presented a Russian jeep "UAZ-469" to the Bugat Center for Acclimatization of Wild Horses. The car will be used by staff conducting research into newly reintroduced horses in Mongolia.  

At selected sights throughout the world, Przewalski's Horses were bred for the purpose of being reintroduced into Mongolia. The horse had become nearly extinct prior to being bed outside the country. 

Today, some 370 Przewalski's Horses have been reintroduced in Bugat soum of Gobi-Altai aimag as well as in the Khustai and Khomyn Tal areas. 

Throughout the world, wild horses are descendants of once domesticated horses. However, Przewalski's Horse has never been successfully domesticated and remains a truly wild animal today.

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