Herders report 120,000 animals lost in January

Copyright: Jeff Williams - Mongolia-pictures.com Mongolian officials have released figures on losses in herds throughout the nation. As of January, 120, 400 adult animals had been reported lost by herders. This included 67, 300 goats, 41,400 sheep, 77,000 cattle, 39,000 horses and 100 camels. Further, this figure increased by 70,700 animals compared with the same period last year. Losses by aimag shows Zavkhan accounts for 80.8 percent of Mongolia’s animal losses. This was nearly 20 percent of the country’s animal losses, followed by Bayan-Olgii (18.6%), Uvs (16.5%), Khovd (12.0%), Bayankhongor (7.3%) and Gobi-Altai (6.8%) aimags. Officials add that Khovsgol aimag has the largest number of livestock in the country with 3.7 million. It is followed by Ovorkhangai with 3.3 million, Arkhangai with 3.3 million, Zavkhan with 3.1 million and Tov with 2.9 million animals.

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