Two to represent Mongolia in world sharp shooting matches

Mongolia will be represented at qualifying matches in the Shooting World Cup to be held in Munich.

Ts.Monkhzul will compete in the women's 10 m air pistol event, while S.Zolboo will shoot in two men’s events with 10 m air pistol and the 50 m pistol. The Mongolian shooters are coached by B.Altantsetseg.

Some 1,100 shooters will compete in Munich.

Following that, the World Cup will be held in Milan from May 21-29.

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2010-05-06 20:58:51
yeah. we have a big chance to lead the world with our sportmen/women. therefore i still think that we need more qualified trainers in other sports,like bowling, tennis, golf, badmin, swimming and crosscountry. and we need to train kids in their high,middle, and elementery schools as normal sport. I believe that if we work hard we can sreate miracles. i knew mongolians have ability to their best and it could lead world of sport. goodlike.!!