Counting money, not votes. Mongolian Presidential Election Update

Election Elbegdorj Enkhbayar

50%+1= 10 million?

B.Ganbold, Democratic Party member has revealed the audio recording of how Democratic Party is preparing their people who will be working in the Election Sub-Committees and how Party will corrupt them. 6th of May, the Party organized tea party in “Gan Zam” hotel, where 190 people who will be working for the Election Sub-Committees participated. D.Erdenebat , the Secretary of the Party and Z.Enhbold, Financial Department Director of the Election of the Party quoted things that were clearly flouting the Constitution and Election Law.

To quote from the recording, Z.Enhbold said, “We shall spend most of the raised fund not to public campaign rather shall use them for you…for those aimags and districts that gained and won with 50 percent + 1 will be awarded with 10 million tugrug… This money is for you who are working in the Election Sub-Committees”.

The General Election Committee is investigating this issue.

First Lady has 1.3 billion dollar account in Swiss Credit Bank?

According to D.Surenhor, Ex State Secretary of Ministry of Trade and Industry O.Tsolmon, First Lady has account of 1.3 billion dollar of account in Swiss Credit Bank. On 6th of April, the Bank was to reveal the names of the customers who hold account of more than 1 billion dollar. O.Tsolmon was on the 16th of the list with an account of 1.3 billion dollar with account number of SCB 45378MG80009L12. For this reason N.Enhbayar, President of Mongolia made a request to the Bank to postpone her name to be revealed until June and the Bank is fulfilling the request. The President made the request in person, visiting Beijing justifying that mother-in-law was sick. The Bank shall post the names in June in Forbes magazine. If not, Bank will be responsible in front of rule of law.

Further in the letter, D.Surenhor claims that this money is of corruption, awards and other money laundry cases.

For this letter, “Ers Shinechlel” movement is demanding explanation from N.Enhbayar, the President. They say that “…it’s extremely unfair that the State Foreign Exchange Reserve is 300 million dollar, whereas there is 1.3 billion dollar on the name of President in Swiss Credit Bank….”. Starting from yesterday, the movement started strike in Sukhbaatar Square against this matter.

The MPRP has rejected the allegations.

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2009-05-21 11:07:46
This looks like political mudslinging started. Will continue to Sunday. Mongolian's, especially reporters, as I have seen countless times, often get their figures wrong. They may have meant 1.3 Billion Mongolian Tukrits, slightly less then US$ 1 Million. In any instance it is against the law, if not even the constitution in Switzerland to break Bank secrecy, with exception of a criminal conviction in a foreign country AND it would also have to be a crime in Switzerland. Mongolians don't have the education to know this. ANYTHING IS GOOD TO RAISE DOUBTS AND GAIN A FEW VOTES. THIS IS A JOKE!
2009-05-21 11:23:04
2009-05-21 14:55:43
Elmar, please check your own intelligence(education) before writing idiotic comments about how Mongolians are too "stupid" to know what you were inferring. Oh, by the way, capping all the words in your last comment just showed how unskilled in writing and rude you are. Credit Swiss Bank is another word for The Credit Suisse based in Zurich.
2009-05-22 04:19:55
No one infers Mongolians are stupid, least of all me. The average reporter and most people are simply not informed about Swiss laws. It is a fact and one just needs to look at many english news stories from Mongolia that figures are often wrong in news stories or interviews written by reporters. Everyone dealing with computers is aware, that if words, or sentances are written all in CAP'S, that one wishes to highlight or emphasize a point. ESPECIALLY IN SUCH AN IMPORTANT NEWS STORY, ONE HAS TO GET THE NAME OF THE BANK CORRECT. The name used is never used as an alternate name for Credit Suisse. That political mudslinging goes on during the elections is obvious. Have a good day!
2009-05-22 08:32:54
Hey Elmar! WHEN SOMEBODY TYPES LIKE THIS, IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE SHOUTING!!! DOESN'T IT? You should stop shouting, it makes you look uneducated! By the way, what's your education? 'Mr.Mongolians don't have education'
2009-05-24 03:10:56
A more important matter seems to reach an early agreement on the long pending This would open the door for Mongolia to become a significant exporter of raw materials at advancing prices and provide a better future for millions of Mongols.