Enkhbayar confirms defeat

Enkhbayar Admits Defeat MongoliaOnline.com reports:

Prime Minister Bayar and President Enkhbayar are holding a press conference on TV right now admitting defeat and congratulating Elbegdorj on his win, although the official results are not yet out.

Enkhbayar's gone on to state that he respects the results of the election

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2009-05-25 04:27:02
THE WINNER IS DEMOCRACY. Regardless of every ones standing, it is clearly a win for democracy when a fairly run open election shows its results and their is a peaceful transition in the presidency. They still have a coalition in Government. It is hoped Government will now proceed in what is best to help the Mongolian people and stop the stalemate of playing around with the Oyu Tolgoi investment agreement, in order to get employment, production and tax income move rapidly!!
2009-05-25 05:36:56
Elmar, now ur making sense, hehe. Still usong caps huh?...