Council says 162 religious groups operating in Ulaanbaatar

Religion in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaThe Ulaanbaatar city council has released information about registered religious organizations operating within the capital city.

There are currently 162 religious organizations operating in Ulaanbaatar. A breakdown of the organizations show 90 groups are Christian, 60 are Bhuddist and the remaining 12 are Muslims and Shamanists.

Also, the City Council has approved extending permits for seven religious organizations operating in the city’s Bayanzurkh and Sukhbaatar districts. However, the religious organizations were reportedly warned that they “not make improper actions or mislead people under the name of religion.”

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David Russell
2010-03-19 09:14:25
How can a religious group not 'not mislead people under the name of religion' - religion is about misleading people, discouraging people from wanting to learn the truth. It is about indoctinating people with superstitions, its own beliefs and irrational answers