Cafe Amsterdam Presents: Blogging in Mongolia

Mergen ChuluunToday - Wednesday June 10th - Mergen Chuluun will be presenting at Cafe Amsterdam at 8pm. The topic of the presentation will be "Blogging for fun and for profit." For about 20 min he will go over some of the reasons and benefits of blogging as well as how people make money through blogging online. The presentation will target the general public and will be presented in English. The floor will then open to a question and answer session, when you can ask anything you want to know about internet in Mongolia.

The community of bloggers in Mongolia is rapidly growing. This interrelates with a general trend of more and more websites that offer web 2.0 social networking. Most of these websites are in Mongolian and only relatively few Mongolian bloggers take to English for submitting their thoughts to the web.

Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • What is blogging and how is it different from just news articles online
  • What blogging started as...
  • Some interesting blogs today...
  • Blogging landscape in Mongolia
  • Benefits of blogging
  • Different ways of monetizing your blog or blogging for profit
  • Some profitable blogs

Mergen Chuluun currently manages a startup company named WebGuru Co Ltd. It is based out of Mongolia and provides internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, and web design services.


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Archived Comments
2009-06-10 02:24:32
Thanks Guido its good. Greetings from sunny UB. khorloo
2009-06-10 06:18:04
Knowing the quality of the services provided by WebGuru as well as Mergen being a talented communicator I trust this will be an interesting event in Cafe Amsterdam. Certainly we will be there!
2009-06-10 11:24:19
Thank you for the vote of confidence. It should be a fun evening. Do feel free to join us!
2009-06-11 04:45:22
Thank you everyone for coming. Despite the extremely short notice, the presentation was a great success. I will post the video sometime in the next few days and make it available for everyone. Thanks for coming!
2009-06-12 09:05:29
block yo blog :)
2009-06-13 05:18:27
I haven't made a lot of money from my blog, but a lot of people have seen my artwork and Mongolia-Web has posted my book reviews, which I really appreciate! I wish I could have come to the Cafe Amsterdam on the 10th, but I will not be in Mongolia until July 7, just in time for my first Nadaam! I am really looking forward to it.
2009-06-13 05:34:29
@sfox There were quite a bit of discussion about e-commerce and online shopping as it relates to Mongolia. You might have found that quite interesting. Anyway, please feel free to look me up when you are here. I should be in town. If you send an email to, I will get it. Thanks
2009-06-13 06:15:45