Tensions for Mongolia's New President's Inauguration Ceremony

President Elbegdorj On Monday the budget for the Inauguration Ceremony for the new President was discussed.

The whole ceremony consists of 12 different budget items such as the suit, reception, wrestling, military parade, press and receiving the foreign representatives (State Leaders of 16 countries have been sent invitations; e.g. Russian Federation, Germany, Japan, Korea, France, India etc).

Total cost was estimated around 248 million tugrug.

Regarding the matter, the Standing Committee members expressed many contradicting opinions, the Committee decided to have the issue to be discussed by the Cabinet Meeting and the Cabinet approved a 137 million tugrug for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.

News.mn reported on controversy regarding the content of the ceremony. Elbegdorj and DP would push for a ceremony on Sukhbaatar square in a suite, while MPRP points to the fact that the law prescribes a traditional deel in parliament hall.

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