Germinal published in Mongolian - A french version of the Mongolian Mining Struggle

germinal1Papillon editions, a multilingual bookshop in UB, has recently translated from French into Mongolian and published a new book called Germinal.

Widely considered to be Zola's undisputed masterpiece and one of the greatest novels ever written in the French language, the novel - an uncompromisingly harsh and realistic story of a coalminers' strike in northern France in the 1860s is very well suited to today’s mining debate in Mongolia.

It discusses the social struggles of French coalminers to obtain rights as citizen’s and workers. It depicts France at a turbulent time of its history when it relies on mining to bring it out of poverty. It is a work of social and political importance which has now become part of the French classics that every French student must read.

This book is of actuality in Mongolia as the country is currently going through similar situations as those described in Germinal, the social struggles to achieve wealth for the country while improving the conditions of its workers and citizens.

The book is currently available in English, Mongolian and French from the Papillon Bookshop next to the National Mongolian University.
Phone: 11 317 041

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