Three foot ‘parrot dinosaur’ discovered in Mongolia

The skeleton of what scientists call a ‘parrot dinosaur’ has been discovered in Mongolia.

The dinosaur, a Psittacosaurus gobiensis, is believed to have been about 110 million years old.

In a report published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, scientists said the parrot dinosaur was three feet long and lived on a diet of nuts and seeds.

Paul Sereno, a University of Chicago scientist, said this dinosaur chewed its food using a beak, like a parrot.

"These and other features, along with the presence of numerous large stomach stones, suggest that psittacosaurs may have had a high-fiber, nut eating diet," Sereno told the Daily Telegraph.

The Psittacosaurs dinosaur family is made up of nine different dinosaur species. Many dinosaurs have been found buried within the sands of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

The parrot dinosaur was also discovered in the Gobi Desert.

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