Amarbat's One Day in Cafe Amsterdam

AmarbatCafe Amsterdam has another interesting showing this evening. In celebrating their improved access they show the inspiring story of Amarbat.

Name of the film: Amarbat’s One Day

Catch a glimpse of one day in the life of Amarbat, a young Mongolian man whose legs were paralyzed as a child by a mistaken vaccination. In a country where life is not always easy, Amarbat's story is not one of a victim. Yet, he is an intelligent young man, who is an optimistic artist and an inventor and whose life changed completely in one day.

(Mongolia, 2006, 20 min)

In person:
Batbileg Zoljargal - Director and Photographer
Zoljargal Gombo - Producer
Oidov Vaaanchig - Translator
Amarbat Bold - "Star" of the film

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