Friday’s rain floods 75 households in Baganuur, Mongolia reports: The heavy rain for about 20 minutes on Friday breached an embankment for a stretch of about 100 meters and led to the flooding of buildings affecting 75 households in the 1st, 3rd and 4th sub-districts of Baganuur district of Ulaanbaatar. Among the buildings under water were those of the Health Center, Kharkhorin LLC and Irmuun Company. 

Emergency workers rescued 283 people from the flooded area and repaired the embankment. Thirty windows of three schools were broken by hailstones and the roof covers in some classrooms were torn away causing rain water to collect on the floor. 

There was some damage in the provinces also. Strong winds in Sukhbaatar and Dornogobi provinces left three gers collapsed. The death toll of livestock in the eastern provinces keeps on increasing following the storm the previous weekend. Latest reports say 96,701 livestock died only in Khentii and Dornod provinces.



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