Environmental Protection in Mongolia during the reign of the Manchus

This Wednesday in Cafe Amsterdam there is a  talk by Mr.Jonathan Schlesinger.The topic of the lecture is:"Environmental Protection in Mongolia during the reign of the Manchus". It will start at 8PM as usual.


Jonathan Schlesinger, a young scholar from Harvard has spent the last few months going through the National Archives in Ulaanbaatar researching the environmental history of Mongolia. As is well known Mongolia might be the first country in history that established natural reserves like Terelj and Bogd Uul . But what is less known is that they were established during the reign of the Manchus, who ruled Mongolia from distant Beijing. Why did they do it in the first place? And what interest did the Manchus have in establishing protected areas in Mongolia? How where the protected areas enforced and what kind of penalties where in place? And were these rules obeyed or was it rather like today?

Jonathan Schlesinger who is writing his PHD thesis on the base of his findings, will talk about that and a lot more... About corrupt aristocrats, who enforced the rules against common people but were only too happy to hunt in Terelj themselves... About Chinese peasants who came in the summer to hunt for mushrooms and were promptly imprisoned and send back... or about the fur trade which very quickly exhausted the number of fur bearing animals near lake Khovsgol.

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