U.S. Marine Band ends Mongolia tour

The United States Marine Forces Pacific Band concludes a tour of Mongolia on July 8.

The Marine Band performed with the Central Military Orchestra of the General Staff of Mongolia's Armed Forces at the Central Cultural Palace on July 3; at Zuun Mod soum, Tuv aimag in the Concert Hall on July 6; at Unit 016 for the Mechanized Infantry Regiment; at Altanbulag soum, Tuv aimag in the Concert Hall on July 7; and at Unit 119 of the Chemical Unit.

The Marine Band also performed with the Internal Troop Band at Unit 05 in Ulaanbaatar on July 3. Other performances were held at the Beatles Monument--between the Circus and State Department Store--July 5; and at the American Center, just east of the Circus on July 6.

The Marine Forces Pacific Band is stationed in Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu.

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