BioBeer: Monitoring Mongolian Biodiversity Wildlife Picture Index (WPI)

Batbayar.G, Munkhjargal.M, will present a talk entitled "Monitoring Mongolian Biodiversity Wildlife Picture Index (WPI)"
on *Thursday, September 3, 2009.*

We will describe our Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) pilot project just completed in Myangan Ugalzat in Western Mongolia and present our preliminary findings. The WPI, developed jointly by the Zoological Society of London and the Wildlife Conservation Society, uses camera stations to reliably and systematically detect many types of terrestrial vertebrates. We set up 2 20 sq km grids with 20 camera stations each; one in the Buffer Zone and one in the core area of the Park for 30 days. Interestingly, human disturbance was much higher in the Core Area of the Park and less so in the Buffer Zone. We detected numerous vertebrate species including passerine birds, small rodents, pikas, marmots and also larger vertebrate species such as Argali. We also used other wildlife detection techniques such as avian point counts, mist netting and small mammal trapping. We discuss future plans for expanding this project as well.

Biobeers is held on the first Thursday of every month at Sweet Cafe
(located behind the Information and Technological National Park and
next to the Admon Printing Company, west of Internom Bookstore
Building). People are requested to arrive after 6pm, in time for the
talk to start at 6.30.

Biobeers is a monthly gathering of government and NGO staff,
biologists, researchers, and other professionals interested in
conservation. Each month, Biobeers sponsors a half-hour presentation
on a topic relevant to Mongolian conservation, followed by an informal
gathering to discuss activities and issues of interest. Biobeers is an
opportunity to find out what is happening in the field of conservation
in Mongolia, talk informally to other researchers and peers in your
field, and share information about issues critical to the environment
and people of Mongolia.

Biobeers is organised by the Zoological Society of London's Steppe
Forward Programme and sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society.
At Biobeers the beer is on us!

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