Cafe Amsterdam: Glenn Mullin on the new Nicholas Roerich Museum in Mongolia

This Wednesday's Cultural evening at 8 PM in Cafe Amsterdam we have a lecture by Glenn H. Mullin titled "Roerich and the Mongolian Contribution".

Canadian Glenn H. Mullin is one of the world's foremost Tibetologists and has published approximately twenty books on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. He is an internationally renowned Buddhist scholar, an acclaimed translator of Tibetan classics and a well-known speaker on the international lecture circuit.

The lecture will be about the Russian born New York artist Nicholas Roerich, the first Buddhist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was a student of the Mongolian lama Agwan Dorjeff in the early 1900s and his travels through Mongolia in the 1920s and 30s inspired many of his greatest paintings. His dozens of essays and books on Mongolian-related subjects, and his hundreds of Mongolian paintings, where a major factor introducing Mongolia to the international community.

The house in Ulaanbaatar in which Roerich lived and worked during 1926 an 1927 was saved from demolition several years ago by the distinguished Mongolian academic professor Bira, the last living student of Nicolas Roerich's son George Roerich.
Glenn H. Dunn has been assisting professor Bira in the work of restoring the house and transforming it into a museum, which opened recently in July.

Wednesday night we will also have the opening of a new exhibition "Limitless Word" by Mongolian artist J. Gursenge, who was awarded "Best Young Artist 2009" by the Nicholas Roerich Museum in a competition for Mongolian artists to make art inspired on Nicholas Roerich.

So come for an interesting evening this Wednesday evening to Cafe Amsterdam.

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