Why October 6 - Mongolian Mythology - Oyu Tolgoi Agreement

By Dan

Gongor Tsam Mask used in Mongolian Buddhist ritualsOn October 6, 2009 Ivanhoe Mines signed  a long-term Investment Agreement with the Government of Mongolia that establishes a comprehensive framework for the construction and operation of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mining complex in Mongolia’s South Gobi Region. Was this date chosen deliberately? Is it related to Mongolian Buddhist mythology?

Why on October 6 2009 ?

Robert Friedland, Ivanhoe chairman, said "It is appropriate that the Mongolian Government carefully considered the symbolic significance of staging the signing on October 6, traditionally an auspicious day for new beginnings"

The signing of the agreement was postponed several times, as there were some last minute issues to resolve. The final date incidentally and maybe luckily coincided with a lucky date according to the Mongolian Buddhist calendar. According to tradition on this date Mongolians will occupy a new house, get married or start a fresh business venture.

Mongolian Buddhist mythology and rituals have been influenced mainly by the Tibetan lineages of Buddhism (Yellow hat) but Mongolian  Buddhism also developed some of its own mythology influenced by Mongolian Shamanism.

The legend
In Mongolian Buddhism several deities are worshipped and regarded as divine beings. Each one is in charge of specific issues relevant to human beings. According to the Mongolian Buddhist mythology, two of these deities, the god of "wealth and prosperity" (Baljinnyam), and his partner the god of "cheerfulness and energy" (Dashnyam), meet twelve times a year on specific dates. Each meeting has its agenda of subjects which they will discuss.

Their discussion topics are wide-ranging, related to all aspects of life. Some of these issues are good for mankind and some are bad. The agendas are usually a mixture of good and bad issues. This means that the days when Baljinnaym and Dashnyam meet together are not necessarily good days.

Only one specific meeting date once a year, has an agenda which is completely favorable to humanity. The subjects they will discuss on this date are happiness, prosperity, good health and the wealth of humanity. This year the lucky date is the 17th day of the middle month of Autumn according to the Mongolian Buddhist calendar (October 6, 2009) and it is therefore a very special day for Mongolian Buddhism and for the Mongolian people. (Thanks Luke, for your enlightenment).

On that same day  of the ceremony a group of old Shamans climbed the Bogd Khan mountain south of Ulaanbaatar, to the Tsetsee Gun Peak performing a routine Shaman ritual, held every auspicious day. Lets hope there blessings will add to the many blessings expressed at the signing ceremony. (Thanks Ganbat for the information).

Some foreign companies doing business in Mongolia do wisely by seeking advice from Mongolian Lama's regarding Mongolian Buddhist traditions and rituals. Let's all hope that in this case this legend will fulfill itself to the benefit both the Mongolian people and also foreign investors.

Oyu Tolgoi October 6 ceremony banner

This article is the second in a series discussing the Oyu Tolgoi agreement implications.

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2009-10-13 12:03:30
Hello every one. I'm so glad the government did agreement with RIO TINTO.I hope it will be help for the mongolian financial and for the peopols life.
2009-10-18 21:42:57
We, Mongolian people should be ashamed. How is it good to keep letting our nature to be ruined by these greedy foreign and domestic evil bloodsuckers?
2009-12-08 08:19:19
What do you know about mining? If you want to blame somebody blame the Mongolian Government. I as a Mongolian want my country to prosper. And you on the other hand want to see your country poor for the rest of its existence are ya? Because of these corrupt idiots sitting in the Parliament and the Government, things are not going properly. Blame them and blame yourself for just sitting there.
2010-06-17 17:45:14
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