Asian Cuisine - Malaysian Chef in Town

Ulaanbaatar, from our special foods reporter
In Ulaanbaatar, many restaurants come and disappear quickly, as most of you will know.
Although the news can be incorrect in no-time,  at this moment the latest restaurant
in town is a Malaysian-Singaporean restaurant in the 13th district which
opened in the middle of January. It is located on the second floor of the
same building as the Issimus Bar, where the huge Stalin statue still stands on the dance floor. It is a bit an odd place with maybe more billiar tables than dinner tables. They don’t
have a big range of items on the menu, but serve quite different foods from other places and indeed quite nice! I can't help but thinking though, that it might not be too long before the chef is gone and all we can do is miss his food.

Serves Asian foods also have snooker tables. Delivery service is available.

Tel: 460841, 99722863

Address: Isimuss center

            Peace avenue-41

            13th microdistrict

            Bayanzurkh district
Food menu
v     Singapore chicken curry

v     Bar Kut Teh

v     Singapore chicken rice

v     Special lamb in Claypot

v     Wanton Noodles

v     Black pepper beef

v     Satay (Beef, mutton, chicken)

v     Fried Kuay Feow

v     French fries

v     Curry puffs

v     Chicken nuggets

v     Onion rings

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