All 13 high officials questioned about submitting incorrect or incomplete information in their declaration of income and assets to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) told an open hearing on May 13 they had not withheld any information deliberately. The mistakes, they said, had occurred as they did not clearly understand what they had to do. They criticized the ACA for not giving clearer guidelines.
The 13 included the Governor of Bayangol district, Mrs. L.Amgalan, the Governor of Dornod province, Mr. Ts.Janlav, the head of MIAT, Mr. R.Bat-Erdene, the head of administration at the National Security Council, Mr. B.Khurts, the head of the City Customs, Mrs. S.Tsetsgee, and the head of the City Inspection Office, Mr. D.Tumurbaatar.
The open hearing, organized by the Standing Committee on Justice, was the brainchild of three of its members, Mr. Kh.Temuujin (DP), Mr. J.Sukhbaatar (MPRP) and Mr. J.Enkhbayar (MPRP).
Notices to attend the hearing had been sent to, besides those named above, former Prime Minister S.Bayar, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy D.Zorigt, Chairman of the State Property Committee B.Sugar, and Chairman of the Mineral Authority B.Erdenebileg. It was explained that Mr. Sugar and Mr. Zorigt would be questioned on why they had taken no action against Mr. Bat-Erdene and Mr. Erdenebileg respectively for violation of the law. It is not clear why the committee summoned Mr. Bayar. In any case, he is abroad for medical treatment, and it was said Mr. Ch.Khurelbaatar, head of the Government Office, would represent him.
The committee collected from the ACA the names of all who had submitted false statements or no statement at all. The penalty for incorrect declaration by a public official is dismissal from service. According to Mr. J.Batsaikhan of the ACA, 53,016 officials submitted the mandatory declaration for 2009. The statements of 255 were scrutinized. The total number of those whose statements were found unacceptable and those who did not submit any declaration by the stipulated date was 42.

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