MIAT’s international flights have remained suspended since Tuesday. The dislocation began with a sudden strike by its technical staff on Tuesday. Some 94 of the 120 workers in that department, including their head, were dismissed on Wednesday and the Head of the State Property Committee, Mr. D.Sugar and Transport, Construction and City Planning Minister Kh.Battulga assured the media that flights would resume on Thursday with workers drawn from other sources. The airline’s director has also been replaced.
MIAT has three aircraft to fly international routes.  According to the summer schedule now in force, the national airline flies daily to Beijing, twice a week  to Seoul and Moscow-Berlin, and three times a week to Tokyo. Alternative arrangements are being made for stranded passengers.
Mr. Sugar said the work load did not need 120 workers and can be done by 30-40 people who could be supervised by non-Mongolians.  Mr. Enkhtur, the dismissed head of the workers, has charged that relatives of high level MIAT officials were given jobs even though they did not have required skills and this caused several problems, including one in Beijing two months ago. “I don’t know about this, but we shall investigate and punish the guilty,” said Mr. Sugar.
Source: English.News.mn

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2010-05-31 22:16:54
Well Done!!!. Respect and pay workers!!!