No land around strategically important deposits such as Oyu Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi, and Khushuut will be allowed to be in private hands. Prime Minister S. Batbold has issued an order to this effect after studying a report prepared by the Ministry of Road, Transportation, and Urban Development.
The Minister, Mr. Kh. Battulga, has said the decision will make some 37,000 hectares of land near strategic deposits specially protected areas. Expansion of mining operations means a lot of land will be necessary to build long-term human settlements.  The ordinance aims at preventing people who were allocated land in the areas, or those who have bought those lands from them, from looking for deals.
Asked what will happen to business enterprises, mining companies or others, who have acquired permission to construct something on land they own in the area, Mr. Battulga said there were only two or three such cases. The permission will be rescinded and there will be no compensation. 
Source: Zuunii Medee

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