President Ts. Elbegdorj has issued a decree to promote the use of the traditional Mongolian script with effect from July 11. It says, "Official letters by the President, the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister and members of the cabinet to officials of other countries in similar positions shall be written in the traditional Mongolian script and will be translated to the language of that country or any of the official languages of the United Nations and be attached."

The decree also mandates the use of the script in documents such as birth and marriage certificates, educational certificates and diplomas along with the Cyrillic alphabet.

The traditional Mongolian script was in use in Mongolia until 1946 when the Cyrillic alphabet was introduced under pressure from the Soviet Union. It was reintroduced in secondary schools in 1992 but most Mongolians above their twenties do not know how to write and read it. A program to encourage wider use of the Mongolian script was adopted in 2008. The President has called for its quicker implementation, setting 2011 as the deadline. That year marks the 100th anniversary of Mongolia’s independence from the Manchus.               

Source: Xinhua,

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