Mr. G. Batsukh, chairman of the Oyu Tolgoi LLC executive board, was trained as a diplomat and was Mongolia’s ambassador to Canada and China before returning home in December 2009. His tenure in both countries was marked by an increase in bilateral trade relations. He has said that several international organizations, including UN agencies, as well as multinational companies offered contracts to him before the Ivanhoe opportunity came.

He “clearly understands the expectation Mongolians have from him as also the trust they repose in him” and will try his best to ensure that the “substantial project is piloted properly”. His fellow members on the Board are “thorough professionals” and have the specific skills and the commitment to take the project forward smoothly to the start of extraction in 2013. He saw himself, “as others also might”, as a bridge between partners and was sure there would be no conflict on the way to increasing the Mongolian share in the project. During the construction phase, the ratio between domestic and foreign workers must be 60:40 and Mongolians must get enough chance to work as subcontractors and suppliers.

Source: Onoodor

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