Media reports on Khan Resources case wrong, says NEA official

Mr. G.Bayarbayasgalan, Director of Nuclear Material Department at the Nuclear Energy Agency, has told media they have got it all wrong about the court ruling that canceling Khan Resources’ licenses was illegal. According to him, the court merely said the NEA director’s authority extends to re-registering or refusing to re-register a license, and it has no power to cancel a license. The court did not say anything about the validity of the license. “We were right in rejecting their application to re-register their license” after the company had repeatedly been guilty of breaking the law, he said.

Asked about the possibility of the company taking the issue to an international tribunal, Mr. Bayarbayasgalan said his agency “cooperates with several human rights organizations” abroad and if the company “does take any aggressive action against our country, we will take counter measures through them”.

Source: Ardiin Erkh

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