MPs urge Government to be more active in ensuring food security

Two Democratic Party MPs, Mr. D.Gankhuyag and Mr. G.Bayarsaikhan, have written to Prime Minister S.Batbold that little progress has been made in the implementation of several promises made in  the Government’s socio-economic guidelines for 2010, and have urged him to ensure that they do not remain just on paper in the remaining months of the year. Among areas pertaining to food security where progress has been tardy, the MPs mention the following provisions in the guidelines endorsed by Parliament: “The population will have equal and easy access to healthy, safe, and nutritious food”; “An efficient standardization policy will be implemented to ensure safety of food products”; “Modern laboratories to test the quality of food products will be set up in Ulaanbaatar and at border posts”;  “The monitoring and information structure relating to public hygiene, food safety, and availability of safe drinking water will be improved and streamlined”; and another on  improving livestock health.
The two MPs have cited figures and instances to support their contention that the Government needs to be more active in these matters.
Source: Undesnii Shuudan

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